A Guide to Asset Management in D365 Finance and Operations

A Guide to Asset Management in D365 Finance and Operations

Dynamics 365 is a very complex software with thousands of features in it. An expert at DEV IT has penned down the following article as a guide for you to understand everything there is to know about Asset Management in D365 Finance and Operations.

We shall discuss the following about asset management in detail:

  • Types of maintenance
  • Maintenance plan
  • Maintenance round
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Maintenance request
  • Maintenance checklists
  • Maintenance job type
  • Maintenance job type variant
  • Maintenance job type trade

Types of maintenance: Basically, there are two maintenance plan in asset management

  1. Preventive maintenance
  2. Corrective maintenance

Preventive maintenance: Preventive maintenance is regularly performed on an asset at a predefined interval to minimize the risk of failing

Corrective maintenance: Corrective maintenance is a task to identify/rectify a fault so that the failed asset can become operative.

Maintenance plan: A maintenance plan defines when the predefined preventive maintenance can be carried out on an asset. Maintenance plans are of two types 1) Time and 2) Counter.

Time: Time maintenance plan is used to maintain assets based on a fixed time interval. E.g., maintenance of assets every month/Half-yearly or yearly

Counter: Counter maintenance plan type is used to maintain assets based on a predefined asset counter registration. E.g., maintenance of purchase on every 20000 production hours OR maintenance of vehicle on every 1500 KM.

Maintenance round: In asset management, we can create different maintenance rounds for the assets we need to maintain. E.g., lubrication job or safety inspection of various assets for maintenance.

Maintenance schedule: The maintenance schedule contains a list of maintenance plans, maintenance requests, and maintenance round.

Maintenance request: A maintenance request is a kind of requisition created to notify the planner that an asset requires maintenance.

Maintenance checklist: The maintenance checklist is attached to every job type as a part of complete maintenance work. A maintenance checklist is a predefined list of work items that must be performed during the maintenance job. E.g., in service of the machine, checks Grease, changes oil, fits all spare parts of devices.

Maintenance job type: Maintenance job type is a description of works that will be performed in maintenance. E.g., Condition assessment, Inspection, Service, etc.

Maintenance job type variants: Maintenance job type variants are attached to job type. Job type variants define variations of job type, e.g., Size (Small, Medium, and Large), Time (Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly), and Configuration (Low, High).

Maintenance job trades: Maintenance job trades provide information on professional trades like Mechanical, Electrical, hydraulic 

We hope you are now clear with the asset management terminology and what the most important features mean. In case you require any help, do get in touch with an expert at DEV IT here.


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