Leverage the View Calendar Control Option in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE

Dynamic 365 View Calendar Control

It is crucial to keep a check on our productivity every day. It helps us stay motivated and know of our shortcomings if any. While there are several other ways to map our productivity, one of the easiest ways is to leverage the View Calendar Control tool by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The Calendar Control feature keeps you in line about your meetings, follow up calls, cold calls and so much more. The feature is all about better customer relationship management. A go-to feature to increase your Sales and Marketing efficiency.

But what is the View Calendar Control option exactly?

The Calendar View the most effective layout option to track and manage work-related activities. Microsoft has introduced a cool feature within their Unified Interface. The feature allows you to view activities in the calendar view using the date and time field.

One can only leverage this tool in Unified Interface. All the activities listed under the ‘List View’ option can be viewed in the ‘Calendar View’ option, provided that all the activities are allotted specific dates.

The calendar control tool can be viewed on the Web, Phone, and Tablets.

How can you configure the calendar control option? 

Here is how you can configure a calendar control to the Open Opportunity system view. Open opportunity view looks like below in Dynamics 365 environment. To change this, we will configure the calendar control option.

Step to configure Calendar Control

  1. Go to Settings -> Customization -> Customize the system
  2. Expand the entities -> expand Opportunities
  3. Select View -> Click Custom Control
  4. Select Control -> Click Add Control
  5. Select Calendar Control and fill the details as below

Once we save and publish the changes, the Open opportunity view display will change to Calendar view as given below:

By following these five simple steps, you can map your efficiency easily.  The calendar control view is very beneficial for people with regular calls scheduled both within and outside the company.

You can keep a note of completed and pending tasks and balance your workload accordingly. To know more about our Dynamics 365 Service, get in touch with an expert at DEV IT here.

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