How to Create Business Events with Azure Logic Apps

How to Create Business Events with Azure Logic Apps


If you’re looking forward to creating an automated workflow to integrate your services, then an Azure Logic App will be the way to go. This blog deals with the process of developing such an app and will help you get started in no time at all.

Types of Business Events

In-built Business Events

Follow the steps by using this link to configure and verify alerts on the in-built business event

Customize Business Events

Create project for customized business events

Follow the steps specified in the link to create a customized business event for Vendor Creation

  • Firstly, create a new Dynamics Project titled “Dev_BusinessEvents”
  • Then, update model with Application Foundation titled “ApplicationSuite”
  • Finally, add new class called “DevVendorCreatedBusinessEventContract”
  • Add new class titled “DevVendorCreatedBusinessEvent“
  • Create your trigger on “VendTable_onInserted”. Now, create new class as shown below for business events that will occur as “Vendor Created”

Finally, you can now build the project

Activate customized Business Event

To create the customized business event, please follow the steps mentioned below:

System administration >> Setup >> Business Events >> Business Events Catalogue >> Manage >> Rebuild business event catalogue

The created customized business event will be added in the business event lists as shown in the screen below:

Create logic App on Azure portal

Finally its time to generate the logic app. First login on

To create logic app “VendorCreatedLogicApp”, follow the same steps specified in the link of inbuilt business event.

Your logic app design will look like the screen shown below:

Create new vendor in D365 FO and verify that alert mails are being received and you should be good to go.


By following the above steps as they are mentioned, you should have your Azure Logic App ready. Our DEV IT engineers have prepared this tutorial after getting several requests for it in comments of previous blogs. If you need assistance in any other subject, please feel free to request it in the comments bellow and we’ll be sure to help you out.


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