KeystoneJS Framework on Node

KeystoneJS Framework on Node

KeystoneJS is an Open Source, Node JS framework based on CMS and Web Application Platform.

Getting started with KeystoneJS?


  • When you install KeystoneJS, by default it will configure Express Js and Mongo DB (both are used for faster response).
  • It has dynamic routes which means it is MV* based application which makes it easy to manage your templates, views and routes.
  • It gives you an auto-generated UI.
  • It also has the Inbuilt Email functionality which can you send template-based email from your application.

How to Install

  • First of all, install KeystoneJS generator that is with Yeoman. For this run below command:
  • npm install -g generator-keystone
  • Create project folder wherever you want:
    • mkdir my-test-project
  • Then move into your directory:
    • cd my-test-project
  • Run generator
    • yo keystone

KeystoneJSDuring the installation process, you will be asked for few questions based on your answer system will generate folder structure for your application.

  • Questions are in below image:


  • For start project enter command:


  • When keystone started, it will give you a welcome message in the console and give you a path where your site is ready on which port.


KeystoneJSSign in page:


Back-end panel of your project


  • In this back-end panel, whatever we have selected yes when we create a project it will display as per our answer.
  • It has Posts with post categories, Inquiries and Users management from where you can create, update and delete your posts, inquiries and users.
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