Launching DEV IT Journal

Launching DEV IT Journal

“Companies that blog get 55% more website visitors. So how about a blog?” was a question raised during one of the company marketing meeting sometime in December 2013. “Well, blogging is a serious business.” I said. “We just cannot launch one for the sake of it. We need to be serious and plan for it. We need to maintain it. Without a purpose, our blog will not perform.”

Everyone agreed. The idea was kept aside.

Until now.

After many brain storming sessions over hot brews; we finally decided to go ahead with launching “DEV IT Journal” – a blog dedicated to the passionate people of DEV IT – who love to share their reviews, thoughts, findings and ideas on Information Technology. The primary goal of the blog is to create a relevant and engaging online community where readers and contributors avail a collaborative, open and transparent environment to share their views and expertise. “This is going to be a place in the digital world where software developers, system administrators, SEO experts, IT Managers and the likes from DEV IT and our readers will share ideas, questions and experiences. In a world where 140 characters is considered maximum length, I’m sure this blog site will be a blessing to the aspiring authors at DEV IT. ”

I hope you find DEV IT Journal as useful and rewarding as we do.

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