Understanding Power Automate: Steps to Create your Demo Flow for Microsoft Teams

Understanding Power Automate: Steps to Create your Demo Flow for Microsoft Teams

Power automate services help you create a wide variety of automated workflows well suited to work with your applications, favorite apps, and synchronized files. With Power automate, you can auto-manage data collection either in on-premise sources like Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint or in the cloud.

Power Automate” integrated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) feature to Power automate by launching power Virtual Agents. A business tool that lets anyone analyze, act, and automate processes and workflows across their organization.

Streamlining Business Processes with Power automate (Power Automate):

  • While being highly accessible via Office 365 app launcher Power automate automates the business-critical processes to ease out high scalability just with a trigger.
  • Power automate automates routine process with a standardize flow for all your day to day business tasks.
  • Automating single sign on, data integrations from third party applications, with Power automate (Power Automate) you can extend your functionality to develop a highly flexible and available automated framework processes by connecting different systems together.
  • Power automate can be used to extend your functionalities with Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and with custom integrations as well.

Easy automation instances with Power automate (Power Automate)

Being highly scalable and available through almost all apps here are some use cases.

  1.  Automate quick replies for your high-priority emails and notifications
  2.  Insightful data collection to follow up with new sales and marketing leads.
  3.  Enhance Dropbox integration, copy all email attachments to your Dropbox account.
  4.  Real-time data collection for your business services and delivering that information within your team for your business services etc.
  5.  Automate approval workflows by defining organization compliance and standards.

Ways to Access Power automate (Power Automate)

  1. Download Mobile application for Android and iOS.
  2. Download application for Windows from the Windows store.
  3. Access it using this URL: https://india.flow.microsoft.com/en-us/

Login Credentials for Power automate (Power Automate)

How to create a demo flow with Microsoft Power Automate

This demo flow includes Microsoft Team Connector where the Team Leader automates the process for telling the team to update their Time-sheet in Teamworks.

Step 1: Log-in to Power automate (Power Automate) with log-in credentials which opens up as the below-mentioned image.

Microsoft Flow

Step 2: Click on Create as shown to create a new flow, this will redirect you to the window shown in the image. Select Scheduled Flow from the flow menu.

Microsoft Flow

Step 3: We are going to create a scheduled flow triggering every day between 11:00 – 11:30 AM.

Step 4: Give your Flow a Name, and Enter Date, Time, and repetition occurrences in Run this Flow. Click on Create.

Microsoft Flow

Step 5: Next, make relevant changes for Time Zone, Start time, etc. and click on + Next Step button.

Microsoft Flow

Step 6: This will redirect you to a selection menu to choose an action.

Microsoft Flow

Step 7: Choose action as Microsoft teams a drop-down menu will open, Select “Post a message” from the menu.

Microsoft Flow

Step 8: Select Team, Channel of Microsoft Teams to whom you want to post a message. Write the message you want to post and Click on the Save button. The Flow will get saved. Click on Test button to Test the Flow.

Microsoft Flow

Step 9: Every day, between 11:00 – 11:30 AM, the above message, will be posted in Aurora Team at Microsoft Teams on behalf of you as shown in the below figure.

Microsoft Flow


In this blog, we understood the functionalities of Power automate and created a demo flow on how to automate message deliveries to your teams. Power automate (Power Automate) lets you begin your automation cycles thereby you can focus your attention on what’s more important.

Using Power automate you get enhanced productivity, secure and swift automaton, and a comprehensive advantage over data insight. These help you stay ahead in the game.

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