Understanding the configuration of Row Definition in Management Reporter

Understanding the configuration of Row Definition in Management Reporter

Row Definition in Management Reporter

What is Management Reporter?

Management Reporter is strictly a financial report designer. Sales reports, Ad hoc reports, inventory or production reports cannot take place here, however report on nearly anything you can view in your General Ledger can be taken care of.

This covers the financial reports as well as reporting of all dimensions of your financial dimensions, like financial statements, and down to some other reporting which can include vendor’s and/or customer’s reports, Ledger Report.


It uses row definition, column definition, and reporting tree to make a report definition.

Basic Understanding of Row Definition

Row Definition: Rows in Management Reporter will represent the information for the horizontal part of the report. Attached is the header image of Rows in Management Reporter. All the Rows describe in details in below post.

Row Definition in Management Reporter

1. Row Code: A row code is required for all rows. You can mix numeric, alphanumeric, and empty (Blank) row codes within a row definition. Row code is the sequence in which the Financial report will be generated.

It can also be used for groupism. In our example, Row number 130 used to display “Shareholder’s fund” which is the total of Row Code from 160 to 280 as shown below:

After developing Row Definition, If adding new row code is required, we can add a new Row code line between Row code 160 to 280.

Row Definition in Management Reporter

2. Description: The description cell provides a description of the financial data in the row of the report, such as Assets or Liabilities. The text in the Description cell appears on the report exactly as you type it in the row definition.

3. Format Code: The Format Code cell offers a selection of the below-mentioned choices for the content of that row. If the Format Code cell is blank, the row is interpreted as a financial data detail row.

Row Definition in Management Reporter

4. Related Formulas/ Rows/ Units: The Related Formulas/Rows/Units cell has multiple purposes. Depending on the type of row. In our example, we have used for sum.

5. Format Override: The Format Override cell specifies the print format for the row. This numerical format overrides the formatting that is specified in the column definition and the report definition, which, by default, is a currency.

6. Normal Balance: The Normal Balance cell within a row definition controls the sign of the amounts in a row. To reverse the sign of a row, or if the normal balance of an account is a credit, enter a C in the Normal Balance cell for that row.

7. Print Control: The Print Control cell use for non-printing rows in report generation.

 8. Row Modifier: The content of the Row Modifier cell in a row definition overrides the fiscal years, periods, and other information that is specified in the column definition for that row.

9. Link to Financial Dimensions: The Link to Financial Dimensions cell contains links to the financial data to include in each row of a report. This cell contains dimension values.

Here we have taken an example of a Balance sheet Row Definition.

Click the Row Definition in Management Reporterbutton to open the Row definition in Report Definition.

Row Definition in Management ReporterRow Definition in Management Reporter

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