What is Forecasting in Dynamics 365 for Sales?

What is Forecasting in Dynamics 365 for Sales

The Forecast feature helps the organization to predict how much revenue the sales team will generate. The Forecast will help sellers track their performance, follow team performance, and take necessary actions proactively. 

Management can use departmental forecast sales, and the organization can use the Forecast to define the strategy.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales have forecast capabilities which allow the administrator or forecast manager to configure Forecast based on revenue or quantity. The administrator or forecast manager can define its hierarchy, and access permissions. 

Forecast View

The Forecast view is available for the Sales team in the forecast area. The forecast grid depends on the user’s security profile, which will show different forecast categories.

The manager will drill down to the Salesperson to see his performance and what their Forecast is and review the quota prediction.

Grid View

Grid View

Kanban View

Kanban view

Snapshot and Flow Visualization

Using a snapshot, users can freeze the forecast data of a moment, allowing users to track the accountability of different times. Utilizing the deal flow visualization, the user can compare the various snapshots, drill down to the record and track the increment or decrement in forecast commitment.

Flow Visualization

Predictive Forecast

To enable AI-driven forecast Dynamics 365 for Sales Insights is required. By enabling predictive Forecast, a new prediction column in the grid will be activated, which will help to understand the pipeline and the factors better.

The prediction column in the grid will use an AI model that will use account data and current sales pipeline, and historical performance to predict the opportunity revenue. 

Predictive Forecast

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